It’s largely accepted that a great way to unwind is with a relaxing bath. For many years we didn’t have a shower in my house, so baths were just how I got clean and not a particularly relaxing event. Now however, they are by far one of my most common relaxation methods. The above picture is the bath I had following submitting my dissertation in my final year of university and that was a bath for kings.

Why it might be relaxing:

  • Baths increase blood flow and can be soothing for aching muscles – they are recommended as a way to manage pain in chronic pain conditions.
  • Submersion in water can lead to a sense of weightlessness, which can reduce our perception of fatigue.
  • Time out away from everything – when you’re in the bath it makes all other tasks harder to do at the same time and so the trap of multitasking is more easily avoided. I’m quite clumsy so for me there is an added incentive to be aware from my phone (a common source of distraction and stress) otherwise it’s quite likely to suffer a watery death.
  • Being surrounded by warm water can provide physical comfort – similar to the feeling of being in bed. Finding a source of comfort is recommended as a way to combat things like the urge to self harm and anxiety attacks.
  • Taking care of one’s self – attending to personal hygiene is one way we can look after ourselves and show our bodies care.


As baths are a fairly regular occurrence for me, I received a small van’s worth of bath products for Christmas. So I’ve chosen a ‘Rose Jam’ bubble bar from Lush for this focus bath (disclaimer: this bath was not my only bath this week so I may have sneaked extra relaxation in). These are pretty sizeable so I quartered mine (Bonus: extra bath loveliness for the future). You crush these under the tap when the bath is running and this one instantly turns the water pink. This particular bar also smells really strongly – its sat on the side in my bathroom and I can smell it every time I walk in. I’ve set up my bath caddy which is a ‘Bakke Til Badekar’ from Tiger. These are also available for a reasonable price on Amazon. I’ve got a nice gentle book – Carrying Albert Home – which is a jolly little story about a man and wife transporting an alligator across America. I also have a cup of tea in order to be warm on the inside too.

I spent about an hour in the bath reading and painting my toe nails. As you can see from this sentence, not doing several tasks at once is a bit challenging for me. Pink isn’t normally my thing, but being submerged in a nearly too hot tub of rosy smelling bright pink water and bubbles definitely made me feel like a princess. I also spent time washing my hair with a nice quality shampoo and conditioner. Overall, spending a nice long time being laid down, very warm and giving my body attention and care was very relaxing. Starting the day very slowly, soothing aches from a cold, and reading a not too challenging book set me up to be less stressed for the day.

More relaxing: changes you could make to make this more relaxing may be not trying to do several things at the same time. You could turn the lights off, light a few candles and really just spend time with your thoughts. I have a bath light which glows different colours under water which I am yet to try. However, at the minute, being totally still and with no reading/youtube/nail painting/music feels a little bit beyond me.

More practical: this definitely didn’t require an hour, 20- 30 minutes would be plenty. Also if you’re not a big fan of things which alter the water too much try Zoella’s Fragranced Bath Fizzer. I have tried ‘Indulgent Macaron’ which smells very sweet but doesn’t add any bubbles or colour to the bath so interferes less with hair washing etc.

Relaxation: 6/10

Zoella bath fizzer
Lush rose jam bath bomb
Bath caddy
Who is Tom Ditto book

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